Agent Interactive

About Us. A Full Service Internet Marketing Agency

We’ve learned a thing or two since we started in the late 1990s

About Agent Interactive

Agent interactive specializes in effective Internet marketing for global markets. We take a holistic approach towards search marketing while maintaining and abiding by Google’s guidelines. Our services include the following:

  • Sarch engine optimization (SEO)
  • PPC campaign management
  • Link building
  • Integration of social media
  • Video content promotion
  • Rich content writing
  • Management of affiliate programs

We also provide technical consulting services in the fields of website building and infrastructure.

Web-based Activities and Focusing on Search

Agent Interactive was founded in 1996 as a provider of software solutions, specializing in the integration of web-based projects, complex content management systems and web applications. As the web evolved we identified the huge potential and latent power of the emerging search market. After some fascinating discussions we decided to change our focus, and by the year 2000 we had transitioned our core activity to the search marketing segment.

Since then we have acquired valuable knowledge and developed many proprietary tools that give us and our clients a genuine competitive advantage in what has become a very dynamic and challenging arena.

Success Stories

Over the years we had many success stories and satisfied customers, too many to list.