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Mobile Marketing.

Expand Your Reach To Smart Phones and Mobile Devices

As a website owner or online marketer, you may doubt mobile as a viable advertising platform, if you have such doubts you are not alone, but you are missing on the next big thing in online advertising and marketing.

Here are a few facts that will surely change your views regarding mobile marketing:

  • In 2010 Google is expected to earn over 1$ billion in mobile ads revenues. ( Source: Advertising Age, October 14, 2010 )
  • Akamai, one of the worlds largest content distributors, released a report ( Akamai, October 20, 2010 ) showing the “Mobile Web’s Explosive Growth” and the next step in the web’s evolution ( See GigaOm coverage )
  • Smartphone sales are soaring, approx 500,000 sold globally each day by Google and Apple alone, and numbers are expected to rise considerably.
  • Mobile connection speeds are rising fast, many carriers now offering speeds of well over 1Mbps, enabling rich content and streaming video on your smartphone

Using this ever growing platform can help your reach new customers, discover new and exciting marketing opportunities, and increase lead generation and sales.

Agent Interactive can help you put some sense into this relatively new marketing platform and make the most out of the tools it offers to potential advertisers.

Let us help you discover just how effective a mobile marketing campaign can be and how your business can grow dramatically while using it.