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Campaign Management and Optimization

PPC Campaign Management and Optimization

Pay Per Click Campaigns Focused on High Conversion Rates
Online advertising is becoming more and more complex, and more competitive. To really succeed you need real-time knowledge and cutting edge technologies. Our strategy is spending wisely from the beginning. We offer an accurate tested process with proven results and excellent customer service.

Agent Interactive offers:

  • Full service management of large multi-lingual campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and other media.
  • Text, graphic, video and mobile ads with the most advanced targeting options.
  • Proprietary campaign management technology operated by our very experienced campaign managers.
  • Marketing strategy, budget and campaign planning.
  • An experienced team to help set up and manage your campaign.
  • A creative team to help you write and design your campaigns and landing pages.
  • Setup of web analytics and statistics with back-end integration for accurate measurement.
  • Real time measurement and analysis of your web analytics.
  • Ongoing conversion optimization.

The result:

  • Improved performance on a regular basis