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Search Engine Optimization is Ubiquitous: So what sets Agent Interactive apart?

At Agent Interactive we’ve been optimizing web sites since 1998, which is just around the time that SEO emerged as a recognized Internet marketing specialty. During the last 12 years we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience and we’re recognized experts in the search engine optimization business.

We’ve worked on well over 200 significant optimization projects and we have succeeded in getting more than 50 clients into the coveted Google Top Ten on a consistent basis, over a prolonged period of time. Partner with us and in return you’ll be able to realize your strategic business goals.

The average amount of time that clients work with us is around four years, so our aim is to get sustained visibility for your web sites and to keep on tweaking as the field develops. For example, the importance of video is increasing all the time and we have succeeded in getting videos into Google’s top ten general search results.

Agent Interactive also offers a number of technological strengths that are ideally suited to sites with vast databases of content and information. We’re the leading experts in leveraging database content and we also offer our own Content Management System (CMS) and Advert Management System.

In short, complete the Contact Form and you’re one click away from optimizing your web site and achieving your corporate goals.