April Fools Campaign


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The RoboWow April Fool’s video campaign was a great success!

It was promoted in six countries on both YouTube and Facebook.

We built an elegant landing page on the Robomow website and promoted it on the homepage during the campaign.

An excellent response from the public with many comments, including:

Martin Andersson: “Hahaha, oh my god! Your ad is so much fun! I live life fast and I hate commercials. I don’t think I’ve seen a whole ad for many years ever since Youtube gave me the option to skip them. But, your video made we want to watch! In your video, you made fun of yourselves, I would even say made a mockery out of yourselves! That made me super interested.”

Exavidos: ” A really great and funny ad :)”

Emin Saglamer:” This is so awesome. Thanks for making a commercial with a sense of humor!”

The campaign was covered by Wired, Ieee and thousands of other websites – all in a couple of days from launch:

Desig Fiction: “RoboWow – *Obviously it’s a played-for-yucks lampoon, but it’s backed-up with a remarkably elaborate fake gadget-merchandising website from the alleged parent company; RoboMow.”

By Evan Ackerman
Posted 27 Mar 2014
“Today is not April 1. I mention this because you should consider the following video in an April 1st context. That is to say, what you are about to see is not real.”


Many people who saw the video went on to visit the website with high engagement stats such as visit duration, page views per visit and conversions measured.

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